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Six Sigma Scholarship for Veterans Pays Off

Authored By: A.T. Houston The Marines have a saying, Semper Fidelis, which means always faithful. Former Marine and the co-founder of Six Sigma, Dr. Mikel Harry continues to sponsor a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt scholarship program to help veterans … Continue reading

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What is Product Value?

Value is simply “bang-per-buck.” In this case, “bang” is just the number of benefits you are able to enjoy by virtue of purchasing the given product, service, transaction or event. The “buck” is rather self-explanitory. The Nature of Product Value … Continue reading

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Business Change is not the Occassional Clash of Cymbals, its Now the Melody

In today’s fluid business environment, leaders must have the freedom, knowledge and tools to continually improvise and adapt to changing conditions. In this sense, change is not the occasional clash of cymbals, it’s the melody. To illustrate the profoundness of … Continue reading

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Do You Want a Quality Business or Be in the Business of Quality?

Personally speaking, I find that by defining the idea of quality in a conventional way (conformance to standards) serves no end other than to set a negative mindset.  For example, its well known that when people mention the word “quality,” … Continue reading

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Where Innovation is Concerned, Should Common-Sense be Encouraged or Discouraged?

On the surface, this question may appear somewhat irregular, or even stupid. However, upon deeper examination, you might discover that common-sense is often not so common. Maybe common-sense is actually uncommon and; therefore, extraordinary. Seemingly, the world often confuses the … Continue reading

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Measuring Overall Equipment Effectiveness: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

As used by many of today’s companies, the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) metric has been around a long time. Essentially, the OEE metric reports on how effectively a manufacturing operation is utilized. The conventional practice for computing this performance metric … Continue reading

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Beware the Moving Average

Authored by: Mikel J. Harry, Ph.D. Introduction and Overview Making data-centric decisions using a simple Time Series Chart can sometimes be a little tricky.  This is especially true when a large amount of data are involved.  Given this situation, its … Continue reading

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