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Raising the Bar with MindPro Lean Six Sigma Training

Dr. Harry first revolutionized business with Six Sigma. Now he has revolutionized Six Sigma with MindPro.   In the past, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training was generally offered in a classroom environment, where individuals would need to be taken … Continue reading

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Why Do Training Programs Fail?

Creating and delivering “sticky” corporate training requires two basic things. First, any attempt to apply the content must bring some type or form of immediate and verifiable financial value to the company. Second, the content must be able to create … Continue reading

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The Language of Business and Executive Mindset

Authored By: Mikel J. Harry, Ph.D. The Language of Business The language used by business executives is illustrated by way of the following statement: “Expand SKU’s per existing customer while driving revenue growth at a 10% CAGR (minimum) through 2015; … Continue reading

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Core Competencies of a Six Sigma Black Belt

Competencies and Work Activity Competency-based performance is a concept that is used widely within the world of business. One comprehensive definition of “competency” is: A cluster of related knowledge, skills, and attitudes that affects a major part of one’s job … Continue reading

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The Shifty Business of Process Shifts: Part 1

Setting the Stage To this day, some industry professionals are still perplexed by Six Sigma, especially when it comes to using the 1.5 sigma shift, often referred to as the shift factor.  In this context, the shift factor has been … Continue reading

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