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The Technical History of Six Sigma

Setting the Stage As a first point of business, let’s set the stage for our ensuing discussion with a brief orientation on the technical evolution of Six Sigma.  In this way, we can get down into the boiler room of … Continue reading

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Wagons Ho! 40 Years of Leadership Experience

Circling the Wagons After 40 years of leading US Marines to Top Business Executives,  Dr. Harry has had the incredible opportunity to observe and effectively practice the art and science of leadership.  From small organizations to the giant monoliths that … Continue reading

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The Shifty Business of Process Shifts: Part 2

The Historical Context Many have often said that the projection of history can forecast the future.  Well, this may be true in some areas of life, but certainly not by considering today’s common notion of the 1.5 sigma shift factor … Continue reading

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The Evolution of Six Sigma

History is littered with the sudden advent of new paradigms that explode into second order change.  As you may already know, the advent of Six Sigma is no exception.  Given the historical continuum of quality, no one could have foreseen … Continue reading

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