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Six Sigma vs. Innovation

Authored by Mikel J. Harry, Ph.D. When it comes to innovation, like improvement, there are two basic types; namely, breakthrough and incremental. While breakthrough innovations are great, they don’t happen every day; however, incremental innovations can be realized every day … Continue reading

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Where Innovation is Concerned, Should Common-Sense be Encouraged or Discouraged?

On the surface, this question may appear somewhat irregular, or even stupid. However, upon deeper examination, you might discover that common-sense is often not so common. Maybe common-sense is actually uncommon and; therefore, extraordinary. Seemingly, the world often confuses the … Continue reading

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Three Vital Rules for Creating Value

Authored By: Mikel J. Harry, Ph.D. The Way to Business Success In today’s business environment, corporate leaders must be able to create and retain a workforce of world-class leaders whose focus is value-centric, not just profit, cost or quality focused.  … Continue reading

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