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Six Sigma vs. Innovation

Authored by Mikel J. Harry, Ph.D. When it comes to innovation, like improvement, there are two basic types; namely, breakthrough and incremental. While breakthrough innovations are great, they don’t happen every day; however, incremental innovations can be realized every day … Continue reading

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The Corporate Fear Factor

Authored By: Mikel J. Harry, Ph.D. One thing is for sure, we have all experienced fear at one time or another.  We intimately understand that fear can be a powerful force in determining the choices we make.  Generally speaking, we … Continue reading

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A Story of Personal Victory Told by an Executive Master Black Belt

Authored by: Identity Withheld by Request Introduction and Overview Over the years, I have held leadership positions in several large F500 companies. The primary aim of my assignments was to enhance the organization’s improvement programs. However, depending on the type … Continue reading

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What is Product Value?

Value is simply “bang-per-buck.” In this case, “bang” is just the number of benefits you are able to enjoy by virtue of purchasing the given product, service, transaction or event. The “buck” is rather self-explanitory. The Nature of Product Value … Continue reading

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Do You Want a Quality Business or Be in the Business of Quality?

Personally speaking, I find that by defining the idea of quality in a conventional way (conformance to standards) serves no end other than to set a negative mindset.  For example, its well known that when people mention the word “quality,” … Continue reading

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Why Do Training Programs Fail?

Creating and delivering “sticky” corporate training requires two basic things. First, any attempt to apply the content must bring some type or form of immediate and verifiable financial value to the company. Second, the content must be able to create … Continue reading

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The Creed of Six Sigma

Authored By Dr. Mikel J. Harry We are in business to make money We make money by satisfying needs We are able to satisfy needs by doing Every need/do pair is an interaction The aim of customer focus is to … Continue reading

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