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How to Hold Executives Accountable

We all know that Y=f(X), where Y is the “effect” and X is the “cause.” Together, let’s employ this line of reasoning to the evaluation of a CEO’s performance. In this case, it’s easy to see that the performance criteria … Continue reading

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What is Product Value?

Value is simply “bang-per-buck.” In this case, “bang” is just the number of benefits you are able to enjoy by virtue of purchasing the given product, service, transaction or event. The “buck” is rather self-explanitory. The Nature of Product Value … Continue reading

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Is Higher Quality Always Better?

From an early age, most of us are schooled to believe that Quality (per say) is a good thing. The more of it, the better. However, suppose you’ve been doing some home repairs over the weekend and find the need … Continue reading

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Six Sigma Driving Innovation at Irish Life Corporate Business Paul O’Neill, Director of Innovation, Irish Life Corporate Business 02.09.2014 Around eight years ago a division within Irish Life in Dublin decided to embrace Six Sigma and this has turned out … Continue reading

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